Thursday, October 20, 2005

De Paul Churchill Protest

Some friends and I went down to the protest at DePaul against Ward Churchill. He was speaking there.

Below: The sign on the right says "depaul university: proudly promoting diversity & preventing discrimination for all non-republican students" This is a reference to DePaul's administration denying the college republicans from posting signs protesting Churchill.

Above: Unfortunately since so much of college tuition is subsidized by the government we are all sponsoring Churchill. Doesn't it seem ironic the same government Churchill preaches against is helping to pay his bills.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

was the "...but not hate speech" a pro-ward counter-protester?

11:36 AM  
Blogger Rich Saunders said...

It is possible, but the person holding that sign was up one the statue platform which wall the other signs there were protesting Ward's speech. For a pro-ward counter-protester to be in close proximity with the protesters for the entire evening and not yell or even engage in discussion would be very much outlying behavior. None the less it is still possible

2:34 PM  

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