Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Unintelligently Designed Debate

The debate over intelligent Design (ID) vs. Evolution is very hot today. It involves the two largest subgroups of faiths in the USA: 1. Religion and 2. Science. That's right science is based on faith.

David Hume pointed out that our scientific research and subsequent laws are all based on the assumption that the future will resemble the past. Similar to in physics how we assume the universe is orderly. We have no complete justification for doing this. But, it has worked well in the past and so we continue to do so, but we can not prove that one day gravity will just stop (we just think it's highly unlikely).

I believe that ID should be taught in schools. But, I believe that students should be informed that it will require an incredible paradigm shift in science for ID to be proven. This possible paradigm shift is one of the reasons I believe it should be taught. The center point of ID is the intelligent designer. Since the designer isn't of this world we don't have a way of testing for his/her existence. But, when light was discovered as a wave and then we proposed the medium the ether for light, it (the ether) was also almost, by definition, undetectable. It was not until the famous Michelson-Morley experiment that the ether was laid to rest.

Think about that. By encouraging the study of ID theory we will be pushing people closer to finding an empirical proof of a designer or not. Either outcome will be incredible.

Also, evolution has changed very much since its introduction by Darwin. It is from the critiques of evolution that the theory of evolution has, well, evolved into a more accurate theory.


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